Music To Rock Your Party At Red Oak Centre

Red Oak Centre music experts have a compilation of fabulous music of all genres. DJs handling the music know exactly the track to play to get a party going and then follow it up with selections that will keep you and your guests moving, shaking, and dancing for hours on end. If it is a classic, traditional wedding in progress, you get to hear choice passages from classical composers. You can just as well select quiet and calm jazz or thumping rock music as the occasion demands.

Sounds Services- Coming Soon

  • projector and screen
  • ceremony music
  • bubble / fog machine
  • show lighting
  • additional mics (wireless or lapel)
  • ceremony or speech audio recording
  • sound system/engineer for live bands

Do You Want a Live Performer? - Coming Soon

If you want a live performer, we will arrange one to add an extra touch of class and elegance. You can ask for a solo pianist or a jazz quartet to get your heartstrings vibrating and to create the perfect mood to match the happening. For birthday parties and celebrations, we have rock groups or a DJ who will set fire and have you rocking and dancing, body and soul. Discuss your preferences and leave it to us to provide food for the soul and life to the party with our music arrangements.